How to avoid up to $500,00 fine for Unauthorised Tree Services in Mosman!

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November 6, 2022

Home Tree Service’s Guide to Tree work in Mosman Council

Unauthorised Tree Services in Mosman Area, whether it’s Tree Removal, Tree Pruning or Tree Cutting,  may result in significant fines, reaching up to $500,000 for individuals or even a

Criminal prosecution. Read this to avoid it!

At Home Tree Services, we value the time, safety and money of all our clients, so we put a list of valuable information together that can help you in the initial steps to execute any Tree Services in Sydney.

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Do I need a council permit to prune or remove my tree?

Yes, for tree works that do not meet the following conditions.

Tree work that can be done without council approval


  • Removal of dead branches in accordance with AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees
  • Removal of dead trees unless they are providing habitat for native fauna
  • Noxious weeds declared as such by the NSW Department of primary industries
  • Any works on trees under 5m in height, a diameter less than 1500mm at 300mm above ground level
  • Remedial works on a tree that is an imminent danger to human life or property as evidenced by written confirmation from a AQF5 qualified arborist
  • Pruning to clear power lines, however this is performed by Ausgrid for trees on both private and public land



Tree removal or pruning may be carried out to the following species of tree:

Botanical Name Common Name
Carica papaya Paw Paw
Cinnamomum camphora (if under 10m) Camphor Laurel
Celtis australis Hackberry
Citris spp. Citris
Cotoneaster spp. Cotoneaster
Cupressus spp. Cypress
Erythrina x sykesii Coral tree
Ficus elastica Rubber tree
Hibiscus spp. Hibiscus
Lagunana patersonii Norfolk Island Hibiscus
Ligustrum spp. Privet
Morus Mulberry
Nerium oleander Oleander
Olea europaea subsp. Cuspidate Wild olive
Prunus spp. Prunus
Salix spp. Willows
Schefflera actinophylla Umbrella Tree
Syagrus romanzoffianum Cocos Palm
xCupressocyparis Leylandii Leighton Cypress

Who Performs Tree Work


To ensure best practises and safety all tree works should be carried out by a minimum of AQF III Arboriculture certified arborist.


Home Tree Services is fully qualified to execute any Tree Services; contact us here!

What happens when you damage or cut trees that require a permit without one?


If damage is done without permit the offender is liable to consequences ranging from a warning letter, fines or prosecution.

What to do in case you realise a tree has been illegally damaged?

If unauthorised tree work is suspected the details of the incident should be noted and reported immediately to Council to aid investigation into tree vandalism.

Who removes trees on public land and streets?

The management of trees on public lands is the responsibility of the council, therefore any removal or pruning work will be performed by them. However there is an application process by which residents may be given permission to take over tree works on public lands,

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The information above functions as a guide and therefore should not be used as final reference before undertaking any tree removal or pruning. Always refer to your council policy and/or a qualified arborist before undertaking any tree work.

Updated: 29/09/2022

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