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Nope, it’s absolutely free with no strings attached.

Typically, we don’t need to, as the grindings serve well for filling the hole left in the ground. However, if a customer specifically requests stump grinding removal, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

Council Approval

The answer is, “Maybe,” depending on specific criteria. While there are instances where you may legally prune your neighbor’s tree without their explicit approval, it’s generally considered poor practice. It’s advisable to engage in a conversation with them and reach a mutual agreement.

The answer varies; sometimes it’s necessary, depending on the tree species and your local council regulations. Other factors to consider include whether the tree poses a risk to life or property, if it’s situated over your house, or if you reside in a 10/50 zone.

Yes, if a tree has sustained significant damage due to a storm or another unforeseen event, a qualified arborist is typically authorised to safely remove it.

Insurance & Arborists

Yes we are, Public Liability, workers comp, public indemnity.

We only work with qualified arborist, all arborists must follow Australian standards.

Simply put, unqualified Arborists haven’t undergone the formal training that their qualified counterparts have. Consequently, they may lack the capacity to anticipate known hazards and risks, prune trees incorrectly, and fail to employ industry-standard rigging techniques and procedures, potentially putting the tree and property at risk.

It’s certainly risky, no denying that. At Home Trees, we prioritize safety by deploying fully qualified and insured arborists for every job. Opting for unqualified arborists may offer slightly lower prices, but they may lack essential knowledge of proper knots, rigging techniques, and botanical expertise needed to safely bring a tree down. By utilizing top-notch equipment and experienced personnel, we greatly minimise risks to both people and property.

Phone Quote & Turnaround Time

In some cases, yes. With certain trees, a photo can provide valuable information. However, for larger jobs or photos with poor perspective, we may need to visit the site to assess all variables accurately.

Rarely do we offer phone quotes, as numerous variables affect pricing. We prefer to visit the site for a free, no-obligation onsite quote, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Possibly. Our quoting staff are on the road daily, and if they are in your area, they can conduct the quote immediately.

Most of our projects are completed within 7-14 days, and none extend beyond 30 days. We understand the importance of your time and commitments, so we strive to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.

Pricing Structure & Discounts

Companies differ in their practices, and some may add extra charges at the end of a job. When you receive a quote from us, it’s final, ensuring no surprises upon completion.

Yes, occasionally we can leave wood onsite, retain mulch, or even schedule multiple tree cuts in one visit to help reduce costs.

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